Cliff Wharton: Hi, My name is Cliff Wharton, I am the Chef de Cuisine at TenPenh restaurant, this is second to four restaurants owned by Passion Foods. Today were going to show you how to make Chicken Adobo. It is a huge staple in the Philippine cuisine, its Spanish oriented. Pretty much what we need is a pot, knife to cut your chicken. It is very simple, simple dish you can make at home. Assembly is very easy, and always be careful around sharp knives and hot stoves. So, lets get started and I will show you how to bone or get some pieces out of the chicken, so here we go. Pick the whole chicken, take it off here. Basically take the chicken with the breast side up. First I am going to start off with the legs, Im going to slice here on the side, and you want to bend back, we pull that bone out, this is your thighbone, just cut it down the side. There you have a leg and thigh. Do the same to the other side. You want to bend that leg back at thigh, get that bone right there. Once again you have a leg and thigh there. Turn the chicken over and pull one of the wings, and also pull the wing right here. See where the bone is right there and just cut the bone, you have a wing. Do the same to the other side. There is your wing. The tricky part and just kind of fun part is you take the breastbone right down in the middle, and alongside of it, I am going to follow that bone all the way down on the side here, and there you have your breast. You should remove that fat off first, here you have your chicken breasts. Next you want to take the other side, same way, you got to be careful, just follow that bone there. All the way down, maneuver your chicken around so you can work with it. Slice it down, just cut down the side again, and there is your breast. Chipping that up a little bit, what we do here at the restaurant we see while our chicken carcass that we make chicken stock out of that. So, thats how we cut the chicken.