Paula Ross: Hi, my name is Paula Ross. I'm the Co-founder and Chief Creative officer at Andys Parties. Andys Parties is the DC areas premiere full service theme party company for kids. In the three years, since Andys Parties was founded we have done nearly 1500 theme parties for kids including dozens of Halloween parties at peoples home.

Today, I'm going to show you how to plan and execute a terrific Halloween party for your kids and their friends at your home. You're going to need some terrific invitations, some goolish craft, some ghostly treats and some wonderful activities to keep all of the kiddies entertained. Before we get started, remember that safety is always very important. So, if your little ones are helping you in the kitchen to put together those treats or are helping to decorate the party space by cutting out some terrific craft decorations, make sure they're well supervised. So, now we're ready to get started.