Mike Hedrick: Hi, guys, Mike Hedrick here, hey, we are still grilling like a villain, we have got these hamburgers, and they are doing great. You should just smell it right now, it just smells great.

Thing about grilling, you want to have it hot, the way that you can check the temperature of your grill is, if you can hold on your hand over there for about two seconds or less, probably over 400 maybe 500 degrees and thats really what you want. We have got the 80/20 burgers here, so we dont and they have fat in them, so, we dont want to squish them and squish that fat out. We like that, thats why we picked the 80/20 burger because we really like that. They have been on there probably about eight minutes, for a three-quarter inch burger, so, about four or five minute mark, we flipped it on over, and when you are flipping, you just want to be careful that you dont drag it up, or you tear it all apart.

We have got good sized burgers here; we probably have three quarter pound burgers or something like that. When you are grilling for your friends, it just depends on who your buddies are, if you are grilling for tailgating, you want to figure on least three-quarter pound a third of a pound burger for each of your buddies. If its for ladies luncheon, then maybe you can make them smaller.

You can always get the frozen patties too; they sell those in different sizes, in different Angus Beef and all that kind of stuff. Sometimes they have a recall on that. Anytime you are working with your raw hamburgers, you will want to remember food safety and you see I have got gloves on, and I have been changing them often and these things are looking good, you see clear juices coming up out them, we checked them.

They are up over 160, hey, now its just a matter, just put them on your plate and maybe slap a little piece of bacon on there, condiments of choice and away you go. Its summer time, we are grilling like a villain. We are going to do some hotdogs next. I am going show you how to score them up, thats going to be really cool.