Andy Segal: Hi, my name is Andy Segal. We are going to be performing some amazing trick shots today. Today what we are going to so is we are going to do four prop novelty shots. Prop novelty shots are shots that use a prop that does not necessarily belong on a pool table, like a glass or special skill shots like speed shots. The materials you will need are pool table obviously, pool balls, chalk, a Cue stick and that is about it. Before we begin let us talk a little bit about safety; when you are performing speed shots, sometimes what could happen is you perform them so quickly that a ball or two may slide off the table. That happens when you are first starting out and practicing the shots. So you want to make sure that they are no little children around the table or breakables that are near the table. Now let me tell you a little bit about myself; In the trick shot world, I am known as the magic man. I have performed on ESPN numerous times, I have performed in films, TV and commercials a few times and I also own and operate an amateur pool league, The American Poolplayers Association in Hudson County, New Jersey. So, you are ready to get started? Follow me.