Cary Ferrell: Hi! My name is Cary Ferrell, I am one of the PGA instructors at the Dulles Golf Center, the Chuck Will Golf Academy in Dulles, Virginia. I am a PGA life member; I have been teaching golf for 30 years.

Today, I am going to work on the Short Game, the first thing we are going to do is Putting.

Putting is basically a shoulder and arm, no wrists, like a pendulum. The triangle that my shoulders and arm creates is part of the mini-golf swing, and as we get longer and longer shots, youll still see that triangle working. Youre dress position or your starting position, you want to have parallel lines, your feet, your shoulders, your hips and your target line.

The grip is very individual, there are a lot of different grips, you can use any kind of grip that you want, something where your wrists dont break down. Left wrist stays firm, right wrist stays firm - shoulders and arms, no wrists, just like a pendulum.

Keep your head as still as you can; try to have your eyes directly over the ball. If you dropped a masons plum over the ball, your eyes would be right there. You can have your arms straight, you can have your arms bent, you can have your knees straight, you can have your knees bent; whatever feels comfortable.

Some basic grips - The double reverse overlap, little finger of your right-hand between the second and third of your left, index finger of your left-hand down across the outside of your right-hand, both thumbs down the middle.

Regular overlap - Interlocking, Ten-finger, the Claw or the Saw, left-hand-low or cross-handed, many different kinds of grips.

Again, you dont want to let the left wrist break down - you dont want that. Shoulders and arms, no wrist, pendulum, keep the track moving - and thats basically Putting.